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Keen on Yoga Podcast

Nov 13, 2020

In this Keen on Yoga Podcast I talk to Kimberley Flynn, known as Kiki. Kiki began yoga practice in 1982 whilst she was studying for a degree in the moving Arts and theatre at NYU.

In 1993 she discovered Ashtanga Yoga when Pattabhi Jois came to New York at the Jivamukti school where she was practicing and teaching. 

His visit made a huge impact and in that same year she took her first trip to Mysore. Over the years she made 13 trips to Mysore, sometimes staying for up to 6 months, and once just for 3 days to see Pattabhi Jois the week he passed away.

This was at a time when there were only a few students, maybe 14 in the shala and Kiki developed a close relationship with Pattabhi Jois and his family.

She even took trips with the family including one back to his boyhood village. Kiki later moved to LA and opened her own shala where she hosted Pattabhi Jois twice. 

She is also renowned for her chanting and has released 2 cds with her teacher Jayashree from Mysore. Kiki is now a mentor and coach to many.  She shares her perspective as yoga in the broadest sense spanning not only asana but also all things lifestyle.

She is a remarkable person who has led a colourful life, including being approached 3 times by the CIA as a recruit. She now lives on a boat on the Hudson River and recently set the record for the longest held downward dog. 

It was my pleasure to speak with Kiki. You can find more about her on her website

Instagram @kiki_says

And her You Tube channel Kiki Says where she shares tips on just about anything you can imagine.