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Keen on Yoga Podcast

Sep 18, 2020

Leslie has been described by himself as a ‘yoga educator’, and by others as a ‘yoga cowboy’.  This is a very appropriate term, as he really does interest himself in every aspect of yoga; its anatomy, practice, teaching as well as its philosophy.

He is a courageous, honest and unconventional thinker in the yoga-world which is really needed now more than ever.

Having started practice in the 1970s, he later spent a long period as a student of TKV Desikachar (the son of Krishnamacharya - father of modern toga). Having done his time within traditional studies, he went on to co-author with Amy Matthews ‘Yoga Anatomy’, a book that has sold over a million copies worldwide.

He also founded the influential ‘The Breathing Project’, and New York Studio.  He now teaches from the wealth of his personal experience accumulated in a lifetime dedicated to yoga informed by his uniquely personal approach.